Friday, September 21, 2007

Word uncomfortable 3:00 Semi-cover

Banner: Word is of the devil, but grown children face a kick

The film "longitudinal 7 7 7 escapement groping" yesterday in a luxurious pool publicity activities, the scene is full of Meat, five women Kok Meng, Winnie, Wen - Jing Chen, Zhao Tong and daughter Wang Jing Han Qi Zi-wearing swimsuits at 3:00. By Jing Wang Meng is the collection of the most Twisting other up A KNACK were pushed down into the water, but she only pressing the lower body the whole scarf, who is tin.

Wai on the towel

Asked why this was after Word Twisting. She explained Body Wai towels than a sense of security, because too many pairs of eyes looking at her living, she her uncomfortable. Yao said the movie, the guy a lot of Cantonese, as she only listen and speak a little, so often Ka Lok trick. Yao added that with a field LIN kissing drama, but was finally cut the Jing. Word that the show is just a slapdash field-kissing, but because of hot weather, she Jiadong tin to the sweat, so a little embarrassing. Afterward, Jiadong has said sorry for her.

Health sexy

The single-handedly produced the Shu Qi Shu Qi Jing beat fourth year that show has not somebody dubbing. He believes Meng close. But he hopes to take health Word is the lovely sexy line, not Shu Qi, is the first of three plays. He also refers not like Yin Zhu Meng, dating as sexy to kill people, but for her stupid stupid kick infants image. Talking about the film with the "color, quit" fighting Taiwan, Wang Jing said not worried about the box office, because three films has also been released will not affect other contemporary films, he feels he has been well enough, we have to do it their own.

Word that their loved Shu Qi, because the other side can not say there is a smell. But she admitted not like each other, like Lu 3:00, of course, she also wanted to be good after the video.

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