Monday, September 03, 2007

Mummy advice Li Yue Long underwear Bond movie

Li Yue Long (Tiffany) yesterday for a shopping center as peanut Sao modeling, together Flyover also manga Limanjun (Maggie), who is modeling and Takashi Kimura, but used for a sexy dress sexy Tiffany has deliberately away, which was two newcomers Maggie and Kimura do is get limelight, They shoot a lot more of the Friends of praise.

She laughs: "Today, so many children, school children before they will see these fears of a nightmare!" Free Tiffany is now looking for a new company, and hopes to change to a new image, she said: "OK sexy for some time, I hope and the future of dance can take a little of the grid flu line, more later to learn to dance, composer and arranger, paving the way for future good. "She also recently blew herself up for a new movie roles, but she plays to debut into battle and Mummy do not want her career, it was her decline. She laughs: "I believe that Mummy is good for me, so do not feel pity." Wong Chuan affair with her, the reporter mentioned yesterday Qiusheng, is the birthday of Tiffany candor know, and asked: "He is not in Hong Kong? Finish work will be calling to him. "

Maggie campus-not sexy shoot

Maggie put on the slippers, seems ready to build its fullness, she has admitted posters adhesive tape, there will not be much action, so sneaked away. And, she will be shooting a film school youth, not for her performance. As Kimura was at the scene yesterday to keep the audience were monocular and kiss, photographed, they set off initiative skirt tail, moves Democrats. Bikini wearing a T-shirt that she not sexy, she explained suffering from the flu they wear more clothes, will be the next sexy.

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