Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ice indignation for illegal racing

By Aaron Kwok, light snow starred PENG Shun - directed feature film "C + detective," the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay yesterday to campaign ahead of the National Day celebration with the public. During the reception that the film studios release day will break one million yuan box office, the results are encouraging.

Bare Bathing

Aaron Kwok (Aaron) because later will be busy with rehearsals for the concert, but also for taking the time commitment will attend the celebration, he said: "The ceremony was certain to go to, because all the cast and behind-the-scenes efforts of the results." Ice is mentioned in the movie theater scene bathed in bold exposed, he said: "Because role love is not a filthy mess, as he fell into a smelly, who must immediately take a bath brush. "Ice less than referring reporters" color, sapped "in the actor, he said:" The plot is kind of role do not like the feeling filthy mess, not to show my build, and two tablets of tablets also different. "

Impact reputation

In addition, there are weekly reports that the recently Ice involved in illegal racing, the police had to contact him, Ice this much anger, said: "I know that when the report after a good anger, shock, has contacted a lawyer, is considered a serious libel, would take legal action." Ice clarification has never been involved in illegal racing, he said: "I want the world to know I have the Chinese Kung Fu is innocent, absolutely affect my reputation from the past five years I have not taken one at a legitimate motorists." Ice said the report was untrue extremely offensive, the reporter asked him whether the police have the Tongxinluo him, and he said: "Of course not, it is absurd that time, I can prove innocence."

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