Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fans default 20 million renewal of East Asia 2003

Banner: brother (right) were presented to the Liao-wing thinking

Noble ideals in the development of the cause, setting many success, it is reported in East Asia offer 20 million, three-year contract renewal with the fans. New fans attended yesterday's signature will also be held in East Asia in particular signing ceremony to renew the spot, we witness together, and narrowly set "three from four in the" conditions. Asked whether there are 20 million fans of the 2003 East Asia renewal reward. Fans of the triennial renewal of recognition, the question of whether or 20 million. She said that the default, the number of people in the last seven months and more.

Do not envy Sammi

The signing ceremony, set in East Asia in particular, "a three from four," and to comply with the fans, from 3 refers to "the record company distribution and expeditiously pay no extension of the slow songs, face bad case of hearsay", as "in the four" are the - sang, sell, and in winning a reputation, qi-East Asia director of the abacus to send fans, the significance of her more fighting ring for more financial resources roll, said.

This is a bottle-East Asia 20 million contract renewal three years, fans that do not care about the money, if fear of the Inland Revenue Department said the number of tax collection. But the prices represented her worth. How many fans think they know the money will be, the value of what it means to return to work, she acknowledged that basically signed about three years, the reporter asked her whether there are basically paid 20 million. She said: "yen have." The only recognition of the reward after the last, the last seven figures, the number of zero. Many fans asked whether the tax owed. She said with a smile, speaking before the Inland Revenue Department will listen to their predecessors in reading the newspaper. This means she has received a reward living Cheng won (Sammi). Fans have a great response, said: "Sammi to be done, I show them to be mad to be done before 10 times more work. (You do not have money to twist?) This informal ah, but I can not do the time being, have to pay threatened first. "

The code first "husband"

Talk about "three of the four" conditions, which asked fans feel most vulnerable. Her candor is "grave", because she has always been first to the code, the traditional virtues of women, the years she spent all thoughts turn to the company, there are now a good destination must be voluntary. The fans feel that the most difficult is to her, "Whitty was" always say I can not tolerate, if being framed so, she will mind the fire out Moreover, she had his own blog, tapping her mouth, she is also aware of the need to tolerate mouth, I believe that this points to the efforts of painstaking effort!

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