Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Full Moon gets big feast that exposed indifferent

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung earlier love for the children filled vibration Hin on liquor, in order to avoid the eyes and ears of the media, deliberately diverted to a rental location change, confidential work done. But, though one of the guests that evening but the exposed, not informed of Rafah Regardless, below the evening wine reception and Full Moon photographs, placed his own blog, and share with you. Though yesterday sponsored a telephone interview, praised Lucas cool and lovely small, I believe many people want to see BB, it will open the evening of photographs, because this is a very happy thing that is not an issue.

Yesterday name in the program, said Kou Rafah asked why rental locations confidential, she will Rafah regardless of the oral explanation to you know, she refers to the Full Moon Wine is responsible for the Rafah Regardless, prior to the Rafah regardless of the relatives invited speakers scheduled, the date and time of seats are unchanged, but the stresses on the site until each day she habit to call relatives and friends, tell them locations. There are happy that this matter, regardless of Rafah asked why such secrecy. Rafah Kou explained that the family, in addition to super high enough, they all have been a reporter's camera flutter excesses did not fire were alive with fire, with the evening session, in addition to the 95-year-old Mama to the outside, there are only a few of the small Lucas, the cameras missed, or a crash, It is not the angry, will be a good thing into a bad thing pointless, it will blow locations confidential.

Lucas cool and lovely sharing

In addition, William busy schedule to attend the evening Lucas small feast on the indemnity, and the evening reception placed his own blog, and share with you, the results do more headlines. The sisters decide to accept a telephone interview, she refers to the large exposed, have informed beforehand Rafah regardless. Elder said newspapers had received from, should not matter much, she praised Lucas cool and lovely small, I believe many people want to see BB, which is happy, and no harassment of them, wearing Moreover, she felt that very thought and wind. Though that evening most of them elderly, were small circle, she also seen Swiss mother, Mama see very healthy spirit. She closures is to the benefit BB, would deny Lucas gets asked to do DMC Sun. She said with a smile, I wonder if he will deny themselves, to be called DMC Ma, she feels indifferent. Though there are no night with the wind and wearing what. She has been wearing that fewer words, with their busy night, Roger video phase; But see good wind, with the elders keep dumping turn private ownership, many smiles.

Though the concert will be held, she said Kou has bought Rafah-praise, as guests, she said she first guests marriage and grass be set up, the second night lateral fields. Elder explained that the British Columbia home to work in the Mainland, initially did not intend to do and gentlemen, because not even the first night everyone was idle, so she asked openings home to British Columbia will hold a shoring market, the British Columbia home immediately agreed, after the show had done immediately rush back to the mainland to dress, so he quite hard. Asked whether the sweet memory in the minds. She said frankly, I thank each other support. In addition, the earlier a mysterious person in particular a full page advertisement in support of lost, though that has been aware of this product, but in fact no contact with each other, then at the concert, that the other party will appeared, she would like to personally thank him. The family worried about whether British Columbia would be prized ground. Though we asked the British Columbia home.

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