Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Zhang Liang-ying Chongqing fans provoked a heat wave

[Han Chongqing on the 17th - 7:30 last night, "dolphins Princess" Zhang Liang-ying portability second album "Update" Fuyu decide held in the house of passion Live music. Hundreds of inveterate "Shame" unification dolphins handheld toys, with flowers and gifts to the scene to cry for their idol refueling.

Decide in a strong rhythm in the dance began. Plus up a black minidress. He Zhang Liang-ying its debut, hundreds of fans, "Liang Ying, Liang Ying ..." the voice repeated. Back in Chengdu station house music Zhang Liang-ying cooperation with the singer went to the scene to stage, she was reliving the Philadelphia Bar feeling. After the dance, Zhang Liang-ying into a new album debut "shelf life" and "we say good," the third into the first dance version of "warm desert" to decide the atmosphere to a climax, when Zhang Liang-ying the tumultuous sang, as much movement, nearly sneaked away. Decide also set up an interactive link, specialized came from Chengdu "Shame" and Chongqing local "restraint" on the PK to see which team can sing more songs Zhang Liang-ying, the atmosphere was rising. Since then, "Princess dolphins" also sang "love your people are my" familiar with all the songs, some time so that she did not hear the voice of fans going ". Money not only for singing ambitions

Earlier in the end of the press conference, Zhang Liang-ying cavity with Sichuan quite interested acceptance of the Chongqing media questions. Before and after the famous Zhang Liang-ying, who previously cooperation Chen Yao said nothing changes: "or original Buddha." Chen Yao was right up her views, as is so, Zhang Liang-ying said: "The idea was to sing as long as singers like Song of the Month, like to listen to listen, just like to hear it. "While Chen Yao also revealed that Zhang Liang-ying no ambition to make money, then Philadelphia, if enough money spent in the first half when she will leave next two weeks rest, the side of Zhang Liang-ying smile straight nodded.

When a reporter's question in the recently announced "2007 China Masters performing public image satisfaction survey" The first batch of results, sentiment has been very busy LI even in the last row, and Zhang Liang-ying rather rely on the rankings after. Asked about the view of this result, Zhang Liang-ying said: "The 12 survey does not show what it so impossible to survey all the Chinese people to the investigation, in the end is what people involved in the investigation or the question, not the way to generalize."

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