Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Investigators Hu church first play lovers

Theft (fish houses), Mr Schroder, LIAO children, Lu Fang, who Chien, yesterday as "wireless" drama "When dogs love cats" hold worship ceremony. Just back Nest "wireless" and "fishing", the high jump Elizabeth "ATV" hearsay, his mouth quick to say: "If I must congratulate her!" As for "ATV" has waved to him, he has also admitted, but "wireless" will be renewed with him as appropriate, a he cut by the manager to handle.

"Fishing home" with the church have performed "the Days", but this is the first time playing lovers, not embrace na actor, has been considered the "home winners" big brother church, not to worry-sex scandal. She and her affair to be chaired by William Bosco Wong concert guests, and a couple posture chorus, "two forgotten breathing water." As the two choirs will love songs Stars good, she gets the blame on, the Stars say that they lost. Bosco Wong is that she and Charles are my lovers, she said with the "Fishing House" has plenty.

LIAO infants did not dance at the end of corrosion

LIAO infants with the dog Bailey yesterday with some performances, she said with a smile over her actor Bailey, who thus more of a very worthwhile. "Galloping City" in first week of ratings has 31 points, she certainly happy, everyone is concerned about her male dancing has been "notorious", she clarified dance inevitably have physical contact, she did not pitting at the end, but we illusion.

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