Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sleeves was married the defendant's default risk

Photo: Model personally designed golf shoes, confident

Xu Jin Peng sleeves and whether married still like a mystery, earlier marriage did not recognize the right golf and not denied, she has become outside speculation, "Hsu too." But last night at his golf design "Made To Love Michele Reis series" footwear activities, but that they did not consider marriage and the BB, that they have a lot of advertising about the body, part of the contract period set out in the BB married or not, published reports, she was charged with nearly default.

First wearing homemade producer

The recent golf footwear brand Venilla suite invitation design "Made To Love Michele Reis series" footwear, golf has designed eight pairs of shoes. Golf is his last night as modeling, wearing purple shoes of their own design to attend. This is her first as designers, in much the preparatory work for four months. Describing the design of golf eight pairs of shoes, the same as BB born. The reporter asked her laugh, "BB" and seen my father. She immediately asked the reporter that her father's shoes, referring to his mother only shoes. Golf has asked interested Xu - sheng (Xu Jin Xiang) design shoes. She said that in designing their own women's shoes in more experience than men's sports shoes are leather shoes, not her own expertise.

The contract requires not married

Golf and Xu Jin Peng was married - since, even company managers have recently received a lot of letters, advertisers are questioning why her marriage and pregnancy not to notice. The golf administrator, said: "Some divisions, I would like to default." She stressed that the current marriage and pregnancy not intend to. She refers to the Mainland before advertising and other advertising customers call for questioning because some can not specified in the contract of marriage, or if the first marriage. When asked about her full. Dietrich said that without a period. She asked not feel great sacrifice. She was referring the matter do not know the future, but she has no idea minutes. Her boyfriend understand it. Dietrich said he could not do each other's voice, but her boyfriend is very clear in what to do, because reporters that he would write. Dietrich said with a smile recently been received friends congratulated, as it will for another limit marriage contracts. She said that depends on the circumstances, but advertisers have thought she was pregnant, she asked in November shoot ads, how much time can shoot, she ridiculous.

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