Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mahesh afraid of a rumor that the immediate situation letter destruction

Photo: Mahesh attend activities presented Signed ink

"Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Ambassador" Mahesh (Charlie), yesterday attended "Montblanc with the United Nations Children's Fund," organized by the "taipans 149UNICEF 2007 series ink" global fund-raising plan conference. If the customer purchased by the General Assembly this series of ink, it can be celebrity artist's signature carved in fountain pens, Montblanc pens every one sold, donated 149 US dollars to the United Nations Children's Fund. Apart from Mahesh, Eason Chan, Chen Chu, Louis, Eric Tsang, businessmen Zhao-Ji Li also support the activities of living gave their signatures.

Charlie's signature on the spot, the General Assembly then carved her name in ink, a donation to her. Recently Charlie was busy writing the receipt of this sum, it is shared. She said that in peacetime would write cards, each card will be given to send a friend. But the book, because the environmental do not want to use too much paper, the majority of her computer skill. Charlie decades seen that some friends, but every year we send cards to contact each other, feeling good heart, she does not think that our friends in the regular meeting. She has been collecting some of my friends will be sent a letter and her book, she said with a smile the more valuable the more history, like the same wine. Asked about her previous boyfriend collection letter writing situation. The recipe she had a child, but if so moving, she would have been afraid to open, we will have to destroy those letters. She will be asked to take the initiative to write the letter situation pursuit heterosexual. She said frankly do not dare take the initiative, even heterosexual interesting hint of her, she will feel that they will also fear misunderstanding, usually to express her will understand. If the pursuit of letter writing situation will pursue additional points. Charlie laughs: "Exercise is dependent on the other side, if the other side McLeish will find several cute, but not the other because I write letter to the situation and accept the pursuit."

Gigi marriage do not find bridesmaids

In addition, recent reports that Leung had married Charlie said: "If she is married, she would not dare to notice me?" She said with a smile company also listen to colleagues, I believe only beautiful misunderstanding. Old Charlie and Gigi has two commitments has been, if the other side of marriage, will serve as the other bridesmaids. Charlie is very decisive and positive that if their marriage, we do not find Gigi bridesmaids, because the other side is too high, but will welcome her to sit down and do the work, such as sit down plays, for her performances in a wedding.

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