Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pleaded no courage eat "soup dentures"

Photo: Dallas has no guts to put your mouth dentures

Bailey, Amanda's, babes and chicken last night for the "wireless" game show "of 15th" video, has been leading the first Amanda's babes and, finally, "the transfer of wealth" link play "flick wave," lost breed, and which breed a total of Alexandra won 48,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan bonus prizes.

These "special information" link, guests were blindfolded with olfactory smell food taste test to choose fresh, and fortunately Alexandra Amanda's son can guess, or of Alexandra to eat "dentures soup" and Amanda's is to eat "meat shoelaces tomato powder." When the son saw Alexandra dentures when defined frighten two steps back, and suggested the producer 3,000 yuan to her and asked her to eat "dentures share," making money is the so-called golden ghosts, of Alexandra to 3,000 yuan courage to try it, but in the end she only kissed "dentures" to always dare not eat, she said dentures with plastic taste, but also joked: "That did not seem to brush clean dentures, some of calculus?" also sounds disgusting!

Another As the program after he launched the program Hutu audience complaints and food waste, it is good advice to improve the test last night eating areas than before "curry sports shoes," "sugar nationals" Convergence slightly, but out "dentures" It is still very nausea.

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