Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr Fok, who smile sweetly round 2

Banner: Deng Ying Chi (left), the National Day performances, presented by Mr Fok souvenirs

"Hong Kong compatriots to celebrate the 58 anniversary of the founding of the PRC variety show" will leave on October 1 pm wearing at the National Preparatory Committee specially held a press conference yesterday announced details of the Preparatory Committee of the Secretary-General include Henry Wu, style show and evening performances Timothy Fok, director of the singers if Deng Ying-chi, Lin Hu and Wang Guoliang, evening performances singer Joey Yung and Andy Hui also, but two absent yesterday.

Timothy Fok recently with his wife and teen-a composite of his confirmation, he only smiled and patted reporters through, and then lay the podium. After the news conference, he asked yesterday whether the Mid-Autumn Festival and landed on two people round. He also laughed not answer, and hastily walked into the elevator to leave, during which reporters to ask him whether the people on two round, the more he laughed the more sweet, told reporters waved goodbye, it should not compound rumors were false.

Ying Chi person called the wrong

During the banquet, Henry Wu introduced many singers, called to Deng Ying Chi Chi Min Deng done wrong, she immediately get up at clarification. Afterwards she said not embarrassed, she laughs: "Indifferent, he might 1:00 wrong, but I have some embarrassment, because some were late." That evening she performed 11 to the end of the distant machine to perform a casino Sao Korea, also returned to Hong Kong next morning, she started from: "intended to stay two days, but in Hong Kong, a first visit to the Republic of Korea has not stay 24 hours. But I intend to leave in November, there may be a statement about Wu to South Korea, paid for her birthday celebration. (You invite her to Korea?) of course not, I invite her to eat the most. rice only. "As for the Mid-Autumn Festival last night, she admitted her affair Eric Chan had about her expect her home barbecue, but she has some friends to a barbecue the other classes, or when he can bring together the play.

Lin Hu Guoqing premiere

In addition, Lin Hu about the same last night of the Mid-Autumn barbecue friend, a friend asked her to see both will be feeling right right. She laughs: "We will not, because they are single, this is mainly recreational nature, according to NASA research, men and women will have different odor harmonious atmosphere exchanges." As for the 11 night her first participation in the National Day performance, though the audience there will be many high-ranking officials, but treat them as ordinary concept Like the public is not particularly tense.

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