Friday, September 28, 2007

There are three female portrayals do not shoot back

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Lap 10 years from television's "intimate" Girl, multi-terminal to withstand the lobby, reintegration parents shooting drama "Goodfellas" yesterday parallel with the other actors, including Kenneth, Roger, and Chen Min Chen Farah together to try modeling, welcome to send a warm Songgete the water bottles to her, and claimed that she started when serving for the delivery of water, and other actors in saying that Zhang folder on the folding chairs to her, let her in and buried when the rest can sit down, everyone's liking, Lin Mei. moved.

The hand can also drag

Lin Yi-mei from the original training classes, Song Ge cooperation with the "situation" a drama Unexpectedly, after so many years before the second cooperation. In fact people have been as appropriate Lin Mei comeback, but this time it succeed, because she admitted Songge relations, geopolitical things Song Ge and others last year in Vancouver to shoot "Fengyun years", in a cafe in coincidence Lin Mei, we then persuaded her back, when she said could be considered after the wireless know she willing to consider the return, they start to have different producers contact with her. For many years no films, will be unaccustomed to worry about. She said: "I am most worried about is NG, as Ann Hui film recently for some two plays, because dialogue and follow-NG and a number of citizens who are not good, (it will request a certain day of rest time) No, but we have a communication and consensus has been reached. "While the drama played married Lin Mei UNIFEM both children, but no affectionate drama, but she's not making a three, that is sexy, and talked of love and kisses not shoot, but can also drag the hand.

Songge serving water delivery

For all the drama many artistes as her idol, gifts to her, she smiled: "I have had psychological preparation, calm Thank you play, you want some harmony, I have NG I can also inclusive." As for the reintegration of wireless, she felt like into new TV City to the Department of Defense, because many rules, such as yesterday she has not yet signed, staff will not be allowed her to go to the toilet until it can be delivered about makeup. Song Ge said so to keep fit is to wait for further cooperation with her, she is a chuckle: "I do not keep fit, because that would be a start thin."

In addition, Song Ge said with a smile commissioned by wireless to take care Lin Mei, she was at home, so she merely for the delivery of water to. This time he is playing one? Rich Poor's Grand Theft Auto, Lin Mei said because his career show, he smiled: "I was attracted by Lin Mei career only because few laps in her temperament female artists, I keep fit so long, but also to cooperate with her."

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