Monday, September 17, 2007

Huang Xiaoming said the eighth floor injured after falling OK

Banner: Huang Xiaoming, Lin Su-Natal sit and watch the conference

Freedom in Hong Kong "sharpshooter" Huang Xiaoming, the Beijing earlier time to attend their participation starred, directed by Feng Xiaogang's "Towards Olympics, establish a new trend" of public advertising evening. All the advertising in the evening star gay, Ruby, Alec Su, Yu Quan and others have visited the scene.

Fans worry

Star Parade will be arranged on the circle after bypass stage debut seated, wearing a white mask with a blue-knit V-necked shirt of Huang Xiaoming small, elegant dress. Fans out into the field close to the idol, Ying Huang Xiaoming Friends of the dozens of fans persisted in off until 12:00, after the mysterious Huang Xiaoming that specifically "to grant him leave", the dispersal to meet halfway fans took pictures, and asked fans waiting early subsided, attention to safety.

Inevitably accidents

Another shoot-Huang Xiaoming, "sharpshooter" has been jumping injuries, the fans in that round. Asked whether Huang Xiaoming of the injured, said there is no understatement OK. It is learned that the plot needs him from the eighth floor balcony jumped another one on the floor, roof, roof, full of gravel and tiles, but Huang Xiaoming personally. He insisted no replacement. Back and forth several attempts and jumping, in a shooting in the landing did not careless firm, the wife hit the side railings, resulting in the 45 wounds, his arm was on the bruise, but only at the scene immediately with a simple input shooting. He said filming unintentional injuries are common, but it will be more, not worry about their family members and fans.

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