Monday, September 17, 2007

Paternity leaves Cuicui Masters record Guinness record

Banner: Ye and Zhong Shu Man Cuicui seems female cattle, good Xingshen

Ye and Zhong Shu Man Cuicui (Sherman) yesterday to join NIU women dress at the "cowboy whips skills Show", the General Assembly also invited the world-renowned master Mr. whips. Chris Camp impromptu audience in a 236-minute hit out at the whips, topping the Guinness Book of World Records. The world record could personally witness the birth, they feel that an eye-opener.

Hit 236 whips

Do not blow because Cuicui whips, responsible for yesterday's only done his time with a stopwatch. She asked to be practicing whips. She said: "I will try to go home. (Can be tried whipped?) Memories not, but the child had been fought rattan, because a day watching TV and naughty, so was a Mummy. "Cuicui earlier can also think that, because his father to accompany his birthday dinner, and sent a gift to the Dali .

Sherman has Zan -

Sherman think of a good blow whips, we have to learn, but we should be good. With Cuicui Sherman, and often naughty child because my mother fight with rattan canes, she Road, "when the orders were given Mummy readily pick up the racks down, and I hate most of those beatings with a belt, so that neither moral and inhumane." Turning to the rookie title last night, she and praise each other's ability - OK, as are all her heart is the water candidates.

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