Monday, September 17, 2007

Ice Dance Spectrum DVD blade head-True Story

Photo: Ice the blade head, the full creativity

Aaron Kwok earlier 12 "arena Baodianpian" concert applause popular, has now decided to be held on November 17 in the Historic 7th breast, "The True Story of Aaron Kwok Lam Dance Show Reel de Concert" and priority booking on the credit card booking starts today, while the first round of the concert today was also the first time in the exposure.

Eddie "change of the"

Ice is the same style of the breast by a famous pop art guidance, the more audacious display "change of the" Ice selected formats for hair colors, choose mysterious bright color, and hair stylist with a special effects guys, Ice-inflicted hair into many blades of a handful of known as "Super blade head" with lighting effects, it appears there are many reflective glass on the Ice head, very-dimensional grid. But this time hairstyles concocted by dyeing the coloration to almost eight hours to complete, but to good effect Ice McGREGOR all worth it, the Internet only during the songs other committees. The posters asked composition ideas, audacious humor: "creative imagination is unlimited, we can see what is what! Not necessarily explain! "

A final presents

This concert is the name of historical significance assembly Ice arena will be performed by the ultimate essence doing is a stage, it is composed of Ice "True Story-Dance", as another clip into the arena Ice Show Reel, a double significance. Ice said that after the completion of the breast, would be temporarily put aside such forms of concerts to focus on musical performances, it is hoped that this presents to a final. It is the internal booking has been almost four times over-subscribed, so organizers have not answered to the internal telephone booking, fans purchased tickets only through a credit card.

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