Monday, October 01, 2007

"Exodus" win shellfish Award

Evans directed Liu You, starring rally, the photographer Chih-Chien Lin's "Exodus" in the last night of the 55th San Sebastian Spain International Film Festival, won the best photography "Silver Shell award," Evans early return of their work, not on the person and photographers Taiwan to accept the award great regret.

Ying Ying best new film

The European Film Festival has been hailed as one of five Spanish Film Festival this year, a total of 16 films in competition, "Exodus" is nearly 20 years ago, the first Hong Kong films were selected contest entries shortlisted, and the last best film "Golden Shell Award", by his 58-year-old many years ago for one, "The Joy Luck Club" and well-known international Chinese-American Wayne Wang's new "Millennium Mr King" won "Exodus" was a public assessment selected to be the best photography "Silver Shell Award" winners.

Snow bluntly very pleased

Snow bluntly very happy because he has "Princess revenge in mind", "Isabella" to the "Exodus" and is shooting "break thing," Chih-Chien Lin co-operation with each other has been a tacit understanding. "Good unhappy because by seeing King wrote, or even formal rackets, and have a communication Chih-Chien Lin, like the movie uses a large number of long lens, the films are relatively rare, especially Spain Accreditation Exercise opening shots of the scene of the beatings frogmen."

As of 2001, the first time we said is becoming photographers Chih-Chien Lin, the then works Shorts "wife" has become the Cannes? 's Work was more shooting "lakes", and this could reputation overseas, Chih-Chien Lin feelings of excitement: "Winners can really very happy, very grateful The Star-hao owner who plays, and Marc and I would like to thank the cast and the backstage support. "

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