Friday, September 28, 2007

Inspiration and no small US cooperation signed

Banner: someone fond of inspiration

Inspiration yesterday attended Nishida stores and cattle special counter to the opening ceremony of eating beef itself may yee, could not immediately eat it. After demonstration fried steak, see her gesture skillful performance in the first.

Yi may, in the time before, they are often the kitchen, this can choose the health and nutritional value of food. And someone is always cooking her food. Asked whether she and her boyfriend as often candlelight dinner at home, someone ate the most. Yi said with a smile can have this reason, fewer people cook simple meals Western most convenient. Her boyfriend has Zan culinary. Yi may laugh: "I have no boyfriend! (Formerly?) The former boyfriend of cooking than I Lak. "

Recent positive inspiration mandrax parade themselves as the future may be for two schemes, to maintain the best, but plan for the time being not disclosed. She is busy with preparations for its own figure dolls, will be held on October 6 auction bidding. As for the drama, she was not going to shoot. She will report before signing for the small US manager, said Yi deal with this problem has been many times, and she is good friends with small US relations, the other is the perspective of a friend to help her. Asked whether she is now free to. Yee said there could be an advertisement for her company to advertising.

She also will contract with the US Small. Rhythm can, said: "How I spent with her contract? For us, no contract has been signed unimportant. "Asked her acquaintance with the small US for many years. We can Yi said it met April 07, but because small US Mummy sick, she has disease, we may have some experience, so same, quickly moving up.

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