Friday, September 28, 2007

Liao Chen Hao was too poor self Corp.

Banner: Hao Chen identified as "Danger", is in a manner

Taiwan-distance wireless still more than a month, most recently this year that has been popular in Dili as "in a" Hao Chen, and Li Ju and Secretary Guan Qi also with "runny Storm" become "as after the" big heat. Yesterday Ju Hao Chen and Guan Qi in a health magazine at the presentation ceremony of artists met. Secretary-ju sister said good chess sister will be the winners. LIAO was recently accused of child families too poor Chen Hao, he claims to have always been "Danger," not matter how many earn money.

Chuan Liao he suspected poor

Yesterday's ceremony attended many artists, including bell golf, Mr Farah, Wu Yu-fei, 8:45, Malaysia tomorrow, Kuan Ju, and Chen Hao. Guan Ju presentation and the guests. Hao Chen has recently been regarded as a "Dili as" heat, he did not deny each accused is hot, pressure will be some more. But he will adopt peaceful heart, he feels that the winners also say fate, in short, has a good appreciation can be met. LIAO infants recently become profitable wireless artistes to a list, Bi-child family he suspected poor, asked him if a "Dili as" whether ASSET PLAY. Chen Hao has said: "I have always been exploded." He refers to himself not wealthy, but not the poor, he will not regardless of who earned less profitable who, he feels is the most important accomplishments. He will become a "Dili as" life goals. He said that he would sign on to the target. He asked whether the fact that the real objectives of public love. His immediate playing hand screw head, has not answered.

In addition, the recent shooting Malaysian wireless-drama "Youth Sidaimingbu", the other three accused were actor Lin Feng, weddings and Chen Jian Feng Xi fun boycott. He denied the matter, he refers to the cooperation before everyone will eat outside.

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