Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wang Shou-round for the brother-in-law secret

Banner: Tangbei Poems (left) and Wang Yuan Yuan with youthful flavor

South Korean producer, "four-step semi - ghost fans" at the opening ceremony last night, the artists have attended Yuchun, LIANG Si-ho, and Dong Min, Wang Yuanyuan.

Wanfang said Jordan has always been love, although now by the Chinese in July, but she will not be afraid, because they have not done anything. But reporters found her and after 10 minutes they Admission is enough to leave, she explained as a friend dared not go on looking at.

LIANG Si Hao past, the spiritual programs, he said with a smile and the "ghosts", also associated with him. Recently he was busy filming "tutorial days," due to two and a half months in the shooting of 60-day only two or three hours of sleep. Earlier Chenyalun shooting because of a quarrel with the show, resulting in hoarseness, even after re-dubbing of the movie market.

Wang Yuan Yuan last night with the children Tangbei Hongpingnu: Kou Shi Qi view movies, last night it was his sister and brother-in-law Wang Shi Shi 800,000 4 anniversary of the marriage, she said that the brother-in-law Shou a secret, because the VAT will be "secret" back to the sister a surprise. She said frankly do not lie in itself, so that confidentiality is a tough, fearing Once off guard will leak "secret." She laughs do not own course "Electric bile", so friends outside of the film.

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