Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pakistani shake a sister who changed,Renowned early

Photo: Clark suddenly appeared to success'

Gap (Jade), FU Ying (Theresa), and lots to attend election-related activities, Jade Recently, the record company personnel changes, in addition to the new high-level officials and two artists and Thomas Leung Yu TU, asked her to worry about impact. She said he just done our part well, and there are new songs have a very happy new. Are you afraid of with the new high-level communication that may not. She refers to their ability to express poor, but I believe we should adapt to. She is also moving with the Ballet officials also feel that the other singing and acting and well looked after.

Being deep qualifications

At yesterday's press release did not name the assistant, but she had suddenly appeared, the company explained that because of the late response, not only on the press release her name. Clark said that would not mind, the company will work for her to do, the details unclear. She also recently joined the "Star entertainment", referring to her body shaking as a sister company, but also play big with Chan Renowned time late. She reported that this practice is usually a record company on the lace news is these companies only Moreover, experience and more inexperienced one. She did not feel it is a sister feel. She said: "If the stresses experience, qualifications Shirley deeper." She also clarify what each two hours earlier than Chan began Renowned no big play late this matter.

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