Sunday, September 23, 2007

Permission denied marriage with movie

Banner: Harlem smile to live here long

(Renmin Photo)

[Liu Wenjie Shanghai on September 21 - on the 22nd night, waited specifically to the transfer of Hong Kong from Shanghai, the top hotels in Shanghai, China's 66 administrative building new flagship store opening party. Countless fans Harlem to praise the news, before the media, and the movie Harlem denied marriage.

Want to know Harlem, Chinese and foreign guests and fans gathered early on the first floor of the Plaza Hotel Concourse days as a DJ at the scene dish rhythm, 10:00 sharp, Harlem A grams of a fur clothing, appeared in the second floor of the hotel hanging platform, a "warm desert" instant atmosphere of the fire scene, Harlem is forever Harlem, music naughty children, he vibrant night, four-day spirits of the people familiar repertoire, the audience has no shortage of Harlem, the inveterate fans, the audience could not bear so Chorus rave scene.

After the performance, the Harlem sweat body warm also accepted the media reporters, when asked about the recent mass marriage of his movie, Harlem expressions very relaxed, laughing, "actually heard that the way to the Hong Kong magazine in write, but by his intuition is catching the media, how to write them , I can do ah. " Harlem and later jokingly said: "Hong Kong is probably the recent TVB hosted variety shows high ratings in Hong Kong Resource, nosy media to find topics selling magazines?"

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