Sunday, September 09, 2007

Twins launched version sent souvenirs

Banner: Twins fans cooperation with the song and dance performances

Twins yesterday at Tai Po Super City at the "Le Twins Party latest wave" conference to attract many fans to attend. Twins launch of the new, there will be Em (A Sa) and Black (who) cover their two different versions, also plans to launch later sold 2,000 limited edition plates, attracting fans live.

A Sa said the decision to launch two versions of the cover, mainly because they had too many of Liang, if introduced a version of the many will not need, as long as the fans now shop two versions will be full of all, this is the Twins Moreover anniversary of the establishment of six, the restrictions introduced later Vinyl version of dish, they will be personally introduced the design of the new logo bags, T-shirts, fans to the occasion.

Fans have to spend a sum of money that only the full their souvenirs, A Sa said: "The draw will be given to fans." She will be asked limited edition products that will lift speculation. A Sa said: "The cost of your product, pricing has not coincided with the sixth anniversary commemoration should fans are asked to do, the last launch" love six years, "many fans also can not buy."

Japan will buy gifts sent Lucas

Before talking about Playboy (Yumiko) birthday celebrations, King's also a singer not present, the same day that they Zhengshen Twins in Hokkaido shoot advertisements, A Sa said in Japan bought a very beautiful pink Headphone gave Yumiko; And who said later on to the United States and Canada will complement each other to buy gifts . A Sa said his trip to Japan was also bought a beautiful BB shirt and skirt saliva shoulder to love children, because they will leave to the United States and Canada, was unable to attend the feast Lucas on the indemnity.

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