Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Male pro-mortem inquiries cosmetic appearance

Banner: Male pick her boyfriend, internal than external important

Before wireless artistes Wang Xian Zhi earlier exposed the company had arranged its artistes accept cosmetic surgery, is one of the suspected inquiries. The scandal girlfriend Greer (Niki) to the radio debut yesterday when asked about the facelift Jiaying had happened, she said with a smile next see each other, we can test. In addition to closing his nose, his ears will also look at whether to take it off. She believes that women and men are a matter of opinion appearances, the most crucial is internal. As long as one likes, it is not the so-called appearance.

The end of a dish

Niki busy recent publicity new songs, it is expected to launch new end, the recent changes in their record company, will it affect her dish out time. She said: We should not, I believe there are more people to join the company, the better, and more and more individuals opponent. But many individuals have spent more personal. She does not agree that the more people feel that the more lively company.

In addition, earlier affair with her - the text of Peter, but at the new music Leung Yu TU conference. Niki heard, the name of Peter, the dissatisfaction that: "This is your folder were hard for me, I did not cooperate with him too, have nothing to respond to the scandal beginning not the end of a choice, are open to me, but I do not care."

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