Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wan, Halina groom smile back tears

Photo: Deep love between a groom kiss, small ring to find lifelong happiness

The 35-year-old former Meyer Wan, Halina yesterday marry his 42-year-old senior insurance industry-Qiang Cai, the groom not only to the small Central Columbia made a number of commitments love, they marry more wives and moved well to public tears.

Small Central Intercontinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday smile, about 10:00 am, the groom, Columbia took the same 10-arbitrage arrived at the hotel wearing meet the bride, first in front of the hotel before shooting the photographs to visit Colombia during see groom look tense, coupled with hot weather, frequently caused by sweating. That is 12:00, wearing a skirt safeguard measure as a small ring, hand pull her husband out of the hotel, one of the sisters Taoyingying for tractors, another sister outside the ring for a small ring red umbrella, we saw small Central whole rivers, and her husband to stop taking pictures to the media, and then a couple will use a blue Rolls-Royce going straight ahead Pokfulam Road Nanjie a tea ceremony see older, stay an hour later, the couple returned to the hotel to register for the ceremony and having a 37-seat wedding.

"You name my surname"

Registrar to the hotel in the evening for a new marriage certificate, they will receive from the media, the scene more violin sound Jacky Cheung song "You name my name," the more romantic atmosphere. Wearing a tube top, a small wedding ring, wearing a diamond necklace, benefits invention dressed people. When the camera, a reporter asked the couple kissing each other cheek, and the groom, Columbia still very nervous when filming finished, throwing their hands in relief: "invoke the drying!" Small said good Central moved, her husband was crying. She said: "He has sworn eyes enough to read oath when more crying out, and I had also insisted behind her husband is a crying guests laugh, but refrain. (He is married and his wife Liang happy tears?) He revealed their true feelings, he always performed better direct, (but He also did not even see expressions season?) because of his good tension, a registered every step must remind the lawyers, because we did not experience. "Little added that the ring last night to yesterday are the same as in a dream, until the only sign that the marriage of true. Last night she and the parents are, then returned to the hotel, had intended to go to sleep, but because too many things to do and at 3, 4:00 to sleep yesterday Fortunately, state and finally looks good, but some acoustic sand.

Getting a good wife to mourn tears

As for the bride to yesterday, the sisters of course, will not miss the opportunity to play the groom, they let the groom wore a mini Columbia underwear, and then to take his bag drinking straws containing things, the diapers soiled by painting similar things to wear arbitrage-tasting, the groom Columbia should love was read the Declaration, small Central praised: "He had never heard so seriously, he gave me a lot of commitments, such as good will love me, take care of me, I moved well. He also used the logo Meyer site layout, a good thought. "asked people to make plans, small ring that what comes naturally, their consensus is the first two World. As a small theater in Central body, the only invited on the 9th fake weddings, to go to Japan in October to the end of the honeymoon. To make a wise and beautiful Housewives, small Central marriage will continue everywhere, and not against her husband to continue working as long as not paying night. Asked whether - Qiang Cai moved to tears. He happily: "because getting a good wife, so could not help."

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