Monday, September 17, 2007

Stephy not write love songs dating

Banner: Stephy dating to increase creative inspiration

"Cash-city 30th anniversary of" inviting in a group of young singer,'s (Stephy) has also recently become a member of the Council, she said frankly very exciting, it represents their own creativity was accepted, it will become still more efforts, and I hope more can be written different works to bring new fans fresh flu.

Sigh not to pursue

Stephy is always novices, say in the creative, sometimes lack inspiration. Before she had intended to write a sweet feeling of the song, but because of a recent shoot a horror movie, "Love mass graves," so that she minds are full of terror, to recall a blank emotional life, no more inspiration. Stephy proposed that dating can be more inspiration. She said that in no circumstances want to work on dating, but now even the pursuit of nothing. The beginning of the year, referring to her fortune-wang Peach, but may Peach fans, but a good thing. Now only through films invest role for inspiration.

Guo Liang Yu En not stall

En Yu Liang new manager of a stall BMA record companies, accusing her official with the Ballet will join the company as a manager, Liang Yu TU fact that he is not very clear, is that managers today will work to the new company. And with the manager's own contract will not end soon, now she only knew that they were doing things with all the follow-manager. However, the BMA's female singer was not long and motivation, she can really worried that the company will not continue to. She is aware that he will continue to rear the old company received no notification to the new company.

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