Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thomas inadvertently struck the first train in Qingdao

Photo: Tom wear luxurious evening gowns, beautiful

Thomas earlier for filming (Po Bulgari) in the new store opening in Shenyang, the day she wore a Valentino (Valentino) and red evening gowns to attend Nobles, Thomas returned to the jeweler to choose her prior to the evening wear jewelry styles, she chose a theme of a snowflake, simple and noble white diamonds, She has been a good complement hearty generous personality, with the field cut the ribbon on the mainland are well-known actress extraordinary, and the guests are people familiar with the trail.

The Chinese top choice in terms of the ribbon were also carefully democracy, and they asked customers, colleagues and friends, elected from their eyes is the only one of a ribbon-actor from Hong Kong, agreed that the best outcome to react to. The attorney has also been very satisfied with the compensation.

Fortunately, OK

Qingdao is the series of encounters before shooting started because of the heavy rain rush nowadays car accidentally hit the roof top of the internal, as much momentum in her entire head and neck pain are, because the pain was still hours, prosecutor and attorney with the old, it was decided by the staff, was escorted to a hospital for examination , as an X-ray and CT, but fortunately not OK, and doctors did not give her any medication. Mattel is the day to rush back from filming, staff advised that the doctor said that she really rush back to a doctor (role). Return to the shooting venue was jokingly asked whether the exhibit X-ray and CT know what to do, if in the future I will not be so familiar. She spent the evening on a package of relief even if the neck, then the next day is no longer a headache.

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