Monday, September 24, 2007

Officer Thomas snowy mountain climbing is not afraid of heights

Photo: Officer Thomas Pan mooncakes, is not afraid of heights

Officer Thomas (Ella) yesterday attended "snowy mountains Wang Plaza Hollywood hegemony war", in person she climbed the 10-meter high snowy mountains. She welcomed the original itself, not previously experienced climbers, but she climbed the snowy mountains that are fun, not to worry about her or down, because of the helmets and seat belts.

Fans see trouble that is blinking

Ella At the event, also for the surrounding fans signature and photographs, suddenly a male fans holding flowers there, she got the locals, who hastily delivered immediately after returning to the foyer. Ella had nuisance know each other before the other female artist record, she believed that the other side is interesting, the other may want to be artists, so she will not be at each other's flower.

Last year, Ella attended a Mid-Autumn Festival activities, male fans were wolf kiss, she lament that the time is passing quickly, another year gone by. She said that after the case occurred, is a bit worried initially, but after attending a lot of activities and security, not fear, of course, do not want to remember these unpleasant things.

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