Monday, September 24, 2007

Zongze, the only church in public money, "beak"

Banner: Hu church and Bosco Wong easily face sex scandal

Bosco Wong (Bosco), Mr Schroder, Joey Yung, Dengjianhong attended "to Taiwan" activities, and Bosco church sex scandal men and women became targets of the play, but two very dark, playing back to the host.

Bosco Wong (Bosco), Mr Schroder recently in the series "My grandmother barbaric" shoot a kissing show host whose request to do two good things, to a kiss on the spot, the duo has readily agreed Unexpectedly, after the duo whose attraction to a person kissed her on the cheek. They were asked after the scandal as topics will be embarrassing, they said generous, participate in the activities they have been psychologically prepared for, but fortunately they are very smart, knew before the "beak", the two conspired to play.

Later they will be guests of the Ceremony concert with the same stage though, will feel the pressureBosco said he will play the opening party and the feelings involved, as they only did Jackson. If it is "barbaric Grandma" is the duo kissing, whether they promised. Church readily say "no problem", joked that the next Bosco said: "The church sent to the British Columbia tin home. (British Columbia has been home to the Mainland for filming.) It depends on the situation play improvisation, if Link booing, it is better to engage in a theater, at least collect the money. (Whether the money would the tin? ) Link also seem wrong, in short, we can do good things. "They have to ask how many money they were prepared to" mouth "Church opened the only charge exorbitant fees to 10 million "beak", Bosco can say 5 million.

Returning series of songs Wuhan

Wuhan songs just came back to attend "to Taiwan" campaign, while the Shenzhen night, she said almost to stranded Wuhan. Her famous Oolong, this is not her fault, it is two aides. The original return ticket when aides refuse lost Fortunately, doing last minute to buy air tickets back, but also increases, the computer has another assistant left in the hotel, in which many e-mails, photos and work records, more important than the ID card, to drive back to his hotel from the computer, take a late flight back to Hong Kong. Festival songs to beat MV to work through.

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