Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pakej Pembelajaran dan Penilaian Online : Online Learning and Assessment Package

This package introduces new learning approaches; the self learning techniques. This technique provides students with options on self-paced learning where students decide on when, and which study to be conducted.


  • Enable Students to choose time to revise a topic/lesson
  • Enable Teachers to schedule additional classes for students who are weak in certain topics
  • Enable Parents to plan time for their children to study a topic


  • Enable Students to choose a topic for revision purposes
  • Enable Teachers to plan which topic/ exercise for students who are weak in certain topics to study
  • Enable Parents to select topics/exercises for their children to study

  • 4 Online learning modules
  • 'real-time' assessment for all lessons
  • Model answers, reasons and logic
  • Virtual Report Card
  • School Calendar
  • 35,000+ questions for all subjects
  • Diagnosis of students strength and weakness in certain subjects and topics
  • Online Learning based on students level and form
    • Level 1: Std 2-3
    • Level 2: Std 4-6
    • Level 3: Form 1-3
    • Level 4: Form 4-5
  • 1 year membership of Premier Members VIP offers

Pakej Istimewa Pembelajaran dan Penilaian Online

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