Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Producers that no single set Jiaying beat posters

Taiwan-drama "Talipot stem Exploration" will be broadcast next month on the 8th, actress Chen Hao, physically, comedy, Orlando and Mengjiahui (Yoyo) and producer Wang Xin-Hui yesterday attended a conference publicity drama.Jia Ying to the reported shooting of single-person posters, producer Wang Xin Hui said that is not her decision, and Jia Ying said, "Some people call me video on the video."

Jiaying denied as posters with the Dili

Earlier reports that "Talipot stem exploration" of the two posters, although some Jiaying nature, but can be taken alone posters, and even said this is not preferential treatment of Chen Hao. Producer Wang Xin-Hui yesterday to attend the activities, said: "This is the production of posters of staff thinking, or he feels in the face Jiaying is an important figure, in short, in my mind, everyone's qualifying, no priority points." Jia Ying said with a smile as an actor is not involved in the production of things , but denied approval because the result that the staff asked him to "shadow of the shadow of" After know posters Criterion is to bring out the message. Asked if only because it is as generous in Dili. He said: "As Dili and posters are two different things, I feel this year's general performance, but" Daddy successfully closed "and" runny Storm "good response, I have no confidence reelected, it will good Chen Hao, a very high chance that he, Secretary game heroine on the good sister."

Yoyo transition to a female trio the Road

Jiaying 7,000 to be done as Dili, Chen Hao feel very happy, but awards will be treated to treat, said with a smile to the industry so far, have not satisfied with the work there. Jiaying that people who shoot-posters, Hao Chen does not think, the most important thing is popular series.

As this play a woman Yoyo, a play many action scenes, she is personally into battle and she said the most memorable is a scene wearing high heels and short skirts onto cars, and then feeling going down, but shoot once completed, her great satisfaction to be asked to do a transition woman. She said with a smile this, because comedy is when the work after her. But asked whether the trio will do apprentice at Yoyo.

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