Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tens of thousands of Changchun conquest boy charm fans

[Jian Yin and internship reporter-Sun Ji Changchun on the 24th - Jacky Cheung, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau as September third landing Changchun superstar. By 1400, as the day in the Nanling Changchun City Stadium, Andy Lau "Wonderful World of the tour" hot staged at Changchun, more than 50,000 spectators at the scene together with the boy, spent one night of passion shock.

A silver gowns, Feng Shen Jun-Yi's Andy Lau to creating the "Chinese" Opening Dance Dance. "Langrenqingge", "not bar men of" classic love songs, immediately ignited the hot atmosphere of the scene, screaming, cheering, waving, jumping, the moment no one is willing to remain silent. Liu natural on the stage show more than age should be the vitality of the state, sometimes with women dancing close and drum dance, and sometimes quite large, in the blink of an eye between the actress even for six, seven clothing, and won warm applause from the audience and cheers.

Classic old ones, love songs, attracted tens of thousands of spectators audience response. With tens of thousands of game-arm waving in boiling into a sea of gentleness. "Stupid", "Wang Qing Shui" and the songs are familiar with the game for the fans cheered in unison and magnificent, Changchun years of passionate fans instantaneous detonation. When Andy Lau show his strong abdominal chest, inverted triangle, almost zero fat perfect build, a "I love you" shouted from the scene extremely hot atmosphere.

Hanging "Wei Ye," sang roof

Other than concert singer, Andy Lau arena is different, the design is stunning, stage over "numerous organs", in order to help Andy Lau "Chinese air," was hanging on wires everywhere, it is dazzling. Andy Lau a white outfit, the only one of the belts, sling hanging from the roof and from the arena have been "swept" to the gallery above, chanted "Infernal Affairs." Together look up to the audience, nickel tsunami, Burning boiling. Andy Lau live on air, as if the sky to the king to release his voice and smile.

To Changchun, Andy Lau brought his "son" toy Andox cattle, and "father" a chorus of "Infernal Affairs" to increase the number of children's show. September 27th is the birthday of Andy Lau, all 50,000 spectators screaming for him was a "birthday song," he. Moved. Said to fans, said: "I was the first to open in Changchun concert, you is good for me, this is my most memorable one night!"

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