Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zhao Tong tries to shake win Valley chest Word

Photo: Zhao Tong (left) won the sexy dress shake-chest Word

Eric Tsang, variety, Meng Gu truck, Zhao Tong, Tongailing, Bell and director Wang Jing last night at the "longitudinal 7 7 7 escapement groping" the opening ceremony, attended a showing of human circle Alan Tam, Eddy Ng, Calvin and his wife, Fla., couple, have the public make moves' star, Zhao Tong wearing them successfully snatched the focus of the bare, a touch-chest deep V Word; Allen said with a smile to the scene only to see Wang Jing Wu flies to left with few pests harmful film, he also refers to Wang Jing create many job opportunities, it should be awarded "film stability and prosperity Award" to each other. In addition, reference small Lucas, Allen expects greater stresses joke brew that is helping to create platinum-diapers to BB, BB laughed like a foot super strength camp, a place to build it bigger!

Small Valley - depends on opponents shoot

Zhao Tong praised by the media is one of the most sexy, it is extremely happy that she has threatened to take measures to prevent sneaked away, it would not worry. Word first film was finally released, she denied feeling very tense, and rapid heart beat feeling. Yao Jing has started tailor-made for the film, she said she Zan Columbia crystal variable image, it will not necessarily follow her route. Asked Eric Tsang and variety can give her advice. She said with a smile: "I proposed Zhiwei thin, Le Columbia criticize me good, I called refueling efforts!"

I Come with the Rain. In addition, parents of shoring Valley truck market, she referred to the earlier shooting with Grandma, "I Come with the Rain", in which only a keen actor wearing pants, small valley that feels like wearing than Kennedy, so she does not feel stimulated. She asked my soup acceptable only with the blaze as intense - She said the problem is there is no actor, but the former career will be asked prospective families, and that depends on who is the opponent and director. Asked about her boyfriend could forgive. Gu said that in the other small foreign grew up, it would not mind, she read reports also praised her professional enough. Small Valley said he is the bottom line for the acceptance of the family, she asked if my soup this role can only dare. She said that guts, asked whether the opponent is the residence. She does not deny that: "opponent is very important, it will show the drying heart beat these feelings."

Awarded the "stability and prosperity Award" to Wang Jing

H. Yi arrived at the scene, but he was smiling, "event", said: "I want to see this film Jing Wu flies, left with few pests what harm this film!" If completed, Allen Wang Jing and Zan many manufacturing jobs, it should be awarded "film stability and prosperity Award" to each other and so on . Soccer star mentioned earlier in Canada football and golf matches are triumphant 36, Allen threatened to shoot chest Fresh oysters will celebrate the feast.

Allen earlier in Urumqi at the same field activities and Nicholas Tse, he could have asked to have seen small Lucas. Allen said last seen in the hospital, and has to build a soccer-platinum inlay diapers each other gifts, he said: "But not now working on completion of peer said he (Lucas) is a powerful, he said it is like. So location to build a bigger, ho! "Allen is wearing the explosion BB not left eye, like a father to drying. Asked yesterday how to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival. He said that he will participate in the Mid-Autumn evening Hangzhou, disclosed recently with the family meals.

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