Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wang Xian Zhi Chi Boom wireless without fire

Banner: Cuijianbang (from left) no grievances, Stephen (2) listen to a stress-Xian is enough

Wireless General Manager Stephen following the "be my guest", launched another new program "happy Liaozhai" Su Yun, "", and "in" is from "appeal" homophonic, or programs of artistes will be invited to give vent to their dissatisfaction, and yesterday the first, two video sets, the first set Stoker BIN is just about full wireless Xian Zhi, wooden guest is Stephen Love will Cuijianbang.

No grievances Cuijianbang

Stephen go straight to the point in the video when asked what Xian Zhi discontent. Wang Xian Zhi candor in the wireless done 13 years, but has no opportunity to do a Taiwan-Meyer, and the show's MC, but no later than by adding wireless Cuijianbang there are many opportunities. Zhu Zhi Xian in artillery, Chan stressed that no partiality to calm anyone, and asked him to return to the wireless, he also promised to arrange as Meyer Masters. During the waiting room Cuijianbang in video recorders, reporters asked him how dissatisfied to complain to. He not know the purpose of programs, only to eat a meal that is to be solved. He said Wang Xian Zhi dissatisfied with the workload. Cuijianbang: "I do not feel what his dissatisfaction, we also get along well in private, before they travel to Thailand to face him, and he also about food for me to celebrate my birthday!" Zeng called for wireless artistes facelift, Cuijianbang that knowledge, but also want to know who to call artistes facelift.

Many people have opinions

When Wang Xian Zhi also finished recording, the reporter is roping in three photographs, and then asked Wang, Cui handshake picture of the duo, initially thinking that they are not necessary, but to meet the needs of the media or the grace of the final handshake. After that period Wang Xian Zhi very outspoken, he would be ashamed: "The program is people speaking truth! (What has the heart to express unhappiness?) This is not to eat a meal on nothing, in fact, I not only have an opinion, the company has a lot, but I say out! (not sketching people then you have no money can not do?) I just want to say that the company's own feelings as well as their own, but are the facts without exaggeration, as the trip itself 13 years ago, I went to cosmetic company that is a fact, I did not say other artists also facelift is reported I Rafah into the paper, published reports, I immediately call street (physically) explanation, I did not say that he facelift. "

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