Saturday, October 06, 2007

1000 Hua for breast reduction in the state to maintain health

Banner: 1000 Edison Hua display to the public for her T-shirt design

Miriam last night for the concert Renowned see clear-cut her a lot, in addition to and separate from Renowned her positive fitness exercise, finally succeeded minus eight, nine pounds, Hua said that around 1,000 friends like to use alternative methods to encourage her, is the most delicious abalone and fried chicken wings on her face, When she reminds me to eat after, it will run very hard, so she must tolerate mouth.

Miss Miriam Yeung 1000, the last concert will be held during the period, but also other busy work, resulting in sick pay during the breast. She opened the concert, to work no more, only concentrate on sorting row, it has recently resumed her former students living as day-designate regularly scheduled rehearsals, sports, night have eight, nine hours of sleep time, I recall the last 1,000 Hua breast aphonia, she ate a lot of vitamins and fruits do this she must maintain a healthy, full menu daily according to eat, and eat healthy, cut in health.

DMC fine mediator Edison bold T-shirt design

The five concerts, Miss Miriam Yeung 1000 invited guests as friends Edmond Leung, another of its DMC fine mediator Edison (Edison) for her design of a series of souvenirs, in concert OTC sale, including T-shirts, hats, ropes, telephone, 1000 Hua everything that Edison also resist the temptation to love, then he will visits to the OTC products reaction. Rehearsals activities, Miss Miriam Yeung some 1,000 products displayed for everyone to see, including a T-shirt rather bold design is an eye Holding hands, and the design of this ocular like chest, 1000 Hua explained the design is a pair of mean, it is Edison's sense of humor, said with a smile each other more humorous, good some suffered too much, she would later return to buy gifts for each other.

Turning Ivana Wong to join East Asia, reported that fans vigorously opposed. 1000 Hua heard Ivana Wong joined, much happier, she praised each other is a very talented singer, joined the company's good fortune, 1000 Hua do not believe that the fans will oppose the accession of Wan, said that reports were all scared, did not stress how there will be news!

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