Saturday, October 06, 2007

Huang Qiang urge you not embarrassed

Map: family-favorite has not seen his son, but he does not seem Zhiwei

Recent magazine videotaping Shirley (Shirley) and the son's photos, that her son looked like Foot Eric Tsang, Huang Qiang, as her friend that she reported to the tremendous harm that we miss her. John said: "Although I have not seen her son, but I feel like Zhiwei is not, we should not injured Shirley, not to make her unhappy." His son several months, asked whether he was worried about videotaping, he called that he no difference riding the wrong line, when the dog Aberdeen, transparent, not ignored.

Beijing visit event madman

Yesterday he accepted to Taiwan to visit Beijing since the publicity has just returned, he also encountered this trip unpleasant things at the local television he should accept the invitation to visit and select a private residence hall location shooting, but that in the middle of shooting, the residents, they immediately see the cover, a very bad attitude , in order to break him, the staff said: "That we will have to shoot elsewhere, here is not pretty." the guest with a dog - has heard before to chasing him, fortunately for those present to stop. John said: "I was also shocked, but then had to think carefully, I have not done nothing wrong, but to express their ideas." When TV crews will be taken throughout the process, because, eight Beijing Olympics approaching, he hopes the public can calm down some of Beijing, the international to a good impression.

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