Saturday, October 06, 2007

Samba Girl Officer Thomas promote HIV prevention

Photo: Thomas said officials never wear such a heavy headdress

Officer Thomas (Ella) yesterday to attend modeling sexy samba Girl "- AIDS care Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2007" activities, Ella greater jump samba dance, nice twist from time to time; The next break in play drums.

Ella fruit headdress so-good can be said to be wearing a life most people's headdress, spoke of the activities promote HIV prevention, Ella advocate safe sex. She said: "What I have good security, do physical examination every year, but few are embarrassed because of unfamiliarity with the female doctors."

Although Ella had studied in Britain, although a more open foreign girl, but she must understand safe sex, her mother asked whether she worried about the pregnant minors? She said: "In the past when a study in the United Kingdom, what is their treatment because I read girls, who do not engage in fear of being discovered." If offenders entertainment circle, her mother asked whether more worried? Ella said with a smile dating are not afraid to sea, she says Are we going to single-sex reproduction?

On seeing the friends of sexual knowledge

As friends lament that today's children too early, good sex education in schools important, he advocated safe sex. The original Shirong male students at secondary school teachers teach sex education very poor, he must see "sister" to understand knowledge.

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