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80 the second day feast turtle kissed home Weng

Banner: morning (right) should require kissed home Weng tert

Li-Cheng (Martin) and daughter underway for the second day yesterday Xi Li Tong (Leanna), "80 Corroboree" to leave Four Seasons Hotel banquet friends and relatives to the main parties. As for the venue layout and dishes with the same last night, two new parents and tert Zhao-Ji Li has also re-interviewed by the media, but "the relations between the basket," Leanna never appeared.

Good HSI see 30,000 points

Evening 6:00 tert reach the hotel, and continue to media interviews, talking about last night he invited friends Dr. power, tert chuckle: "He sent the pig! (Is it because you want to know more morning and several grandchildren?) Yes! The more pigs! "As for the future son-in-law is sorting Sun others have large? Indifferent tert said, although we still have to wait more than eight or 10 years, but believe they are entitled to live to see this moment. Always ask tert unique perspective, in the near future profits on the stock market a few billion? Tert noncommittal, a chuckle: "indifferent, it rose by 3% a few, I like the Hang Seng Index to see the end of 30,000 (points)." As in equities have earned 100 billion, then the cost of two night banquet by tert pay? He said with a smile who is indifferent to pay, because few money.

Shortly after 7 pm, and then Martin tert morning and go to the media outside the hotel taking pictures and interview, a reporter morning more attention to a proposal by DAN tin after tin reporter called her to a DAN she refused to go with her husband even called her a tin are not. While wearing a beige gown up the morning, continued lining wearing flashing diamond ornaments, last night she is wearing the rally sent last night to send Dai husband, Martin said the jewelry no particular meaning, do not want to bargain and ask everyone to see a good design. The morning agreed to hold four six years, and asked them whether they make undefended? Some embarrassed Martin: "This is three, not a Street, (good news?) The next time you ask me! Now too soon. "The next morning also said the issue should be what comes naturally Aberdeen.

That morning the woman left her husband

The woman mentioned problems morning that will allow her husband to teach, and during pregnancy she had thought of a person to do a bad guy, I thought he would more strict, but after that students love their daughter too, as long as her daughter cried wall has good shock, she would have immediately, or wait until her husband to good discipline . Asked whether Martin willing dad? He said: "not that strict regulations, use the appropriate method, we have now two daughters are crazy, but I would not be reduced because of this work." At morning that he exposed his daughter to take pictures for the left of photography, smiling daughter asked whether he will get to know the coaching? He said: "not so fast, the most important thing is to worry about her daughter's health." Morning also agree that the most important thing is health and education, to get to know the opposite sex to speak fate. Laughter asked her daughter what will happen, as she did ticket? Morning: "I think this attitude is wrong, the most important thing is to recognize good men, so much better than marrying rich good times." Martin also stressed that this will not be the daughter. For the second consecutive day Leanna did not appear to the media camera, tert secretary Bonnie explain BB too small, not accustomed to the face of so many cameras now do not mind Martin and daughter morning photo exposure, but in the future the streets photographed Leanna, please remember that the media used checkered happened.

Tung came to power Uncle wish finished 3

In addition, last night and the two tycoons Mengjiafu to-son, as earlier rumors he is suffering from leukemia, asked their current health status? Hafez said he initially recovered, but when asked whether he has done during chemotherapy, he did not answer. And last night businessman Gordon Wu bring along with them his wife, his son and his girlfriend Zhao Hu, Minxin-ming attended the first day of "80 Banquet," after the late Sir Gordon asked what gift to send Leanna? He said gifts for the wife, Leanna Zan good complacent, and to hold hands BB gestures. Hu asked too eager to be preferred? She smiled and nodded: "desire." Now Hu, Minxin girlfriend's door and stepped out, asking when they get married? They laugh instead of words, even after the car stopped immediately.

However, soon after the tert accompanied by bodyguards and secretaries walked out, and should go ask the reporters interviewed many guests tert said with a smile that night and morning call Martin and a number two. Morning and evening holding a three Leanna and Martin took office, despite facing several hundred guests Leanna is no Stage Fright, eyes and hands busy Aberdeen made moves to please, very cute of Fun, when met all WHO uncles, Leanna have returned to the room was closed. Also during tert power thanks to the guests and Rafah friend Dr. power, Tong congratulated tert - tert three more finished, the stock benefited from the closure of BB full moons and GBM.

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