Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hsu said that 10 years after marriage

Banner: Hsu praise her husband is the candidate

De-Bin Huang, Hsu (Suki), and Chen Zhijian last song "I have in mind is the heroes' writing contest" as judges, each more impromptu draw the eyes of heroes, De draw Wireless Taiwan emblem, although enough flattery, but before he can only Taiwan-lighting at the third Pai-side, it is not in favor of this, he laughs: "qualifying with a year almost, I think it does not really not too nervous." last year, Taiwan-De won the best supporting actor award, was not nominated this year, he said that there is no drama recently broadcast, and not every year since others winners. However, he viewed the Old Rong Xu won supporting actor awards this year because McGREGOR his "pro-three colleagues," my mates Yan subordinate role good change.

Envy underway

Have studied interior design Suki year, the painting has since made many unfamiliar, I believe it can go to retirement education. She said: "I am the envy of Hui-Min Zhou retirement age can now be gently, but also according to its own interest to paint, are also underway envy, not because giants can marry, but she has a lovely tin BB and her husband, I find her good happiness." She also said that morning, the most important thing is Later a tin own good husband, not necessarily wealthy. But to her boyfriend asked her husband good candidates? She laughs: "not so many, the word he is the ideal person. (Intend to do when the house?) I was only 23 years old, after 10 years! Now for the heavy work. "

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