Monday, October 08, 2007

Add to marry her boyfriend identified targets

Banner: Chan Yiu dog violet and gold is love

Annual PLK "love song" charity event last night at the Convention and Exhibition Center and attended by President Liu Po Leung Kuk Chenxiaobao addition, Chen sister Abbie, there are Long Lu Shu-yan, Chan Yiu purple and gold, and Li Yue Long and mother.

Little Wave Field debut Li Yue Long arrived at the scene with his mother, her mother, the original is one of the premier, and called Chen Zheng. She said that with very few mothers attending weekday activities, this is a special trip Man dance, and the mother said, as long as his daughter happy like, whether she is dating the entertainment circle is indifferent. As for the purple-yao follow her boyfriend were asked whether the event with her boyfriend of business, and that she will give each other advice, they will invest the majority of women supplies for more familiar with. The timing of marriage, she is the ideal person to respect her boyfriend, also is dating for marriage, but do not have any plans.

A very first visit, Liu Jing and Chen Chenxiaobao Abbie ate, disclosed by Dai Liu Chenxiaobao of jade pendants diamond jewelry is sent to her husband's birthday gift. Chen Abbie very 'of diamond ornaments, she has made holding general, has studied more than 10 years ago, but only in a few appear. She said that at that time the fees to a 1,000 yuan, as a celebrity cost hundreds of dance, she would take it that the other party is to follow teacher, but simply seems to be excessive. She also said that when an aversion to dance with men with physical contact, it will jump cowboy dance.

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