Monday, October 08, 2007

Yang widow son Pusan to accept the award

Photo: Yang Kai Li Peng widow (right) and husband and son to accept the award in Busan

The Pusan International Film Festival will be the "Asian Film Award" went to the deceased in Taiwan director Edward Yang, for the world to commemorate his film development efforts. While Yang Kai Li Peng widow with a young son coming personally receive the award. Yang clips recall the more films, short films can be seen in photographs of young Yang, Yang works by the participating "Kuling Street juvenile killings" and Zhang Zhen also entered in the cinema in a film, he said the film director Yang unusual manner, in full accordance with the need actors to read the script White.

Wang and Chan left for complete cooperation

Receiving the award for substituting husband, Kai Li Peng as a very contradictory feelings, we are happy, but he is gone again reminded of this fact. Kai Li Peng disclosed to the media she is actively completed Yang's behest, to continue cooperation with the Jackie Chan cartoon "Herd juvenile." She said: "I think Chan's brother right we have been very friendly, he is very supportive of the case, and he hopes to continue cooperation." Kai Li Peng to be the commemoration of the end of this year, Yang, prepared to start writing articles, which may be the fashion of observation, but also Understanding is the only possible life. This will be Golden Horse award for Lifetime Achievement Award Yang, Kai Li Peng still uncertain whether it will attend, because she needs to take care of the children. As for whether to allow their children to inherit his father's, she is not a constraint, and her husband feel that "as long as he be a good person, like happy." But she hoped that the children can Yang as "firm commitment ideals and achievements of his own to China, Asia and the world have contributed."

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