Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chen Hao play was deposed less gracefully

Banner: ignore Chen Hao YANG Xiu-hui, the self-incompatibility explained men and women unacceptable

Wireless Taiwan-drama "Talipot stem Exploration" will be launched tomorrow, a group of actors, including yesterday's classic, Chen Hao (Moses), Mengjiahui (Yoyo), YANG Xiu-hui, physically and Yong Tang Dynasty, the city's Youth Outreach height of the peaks adventure challenges, one of the original actress agreed to Naples present, but overnight the night before shoot "Jewelery" with aides became ill, no one called her bed, sleep when she has a half-hour late, then immediately called to apologize producer Wang Xin Wei. The producer also told her not understanding came to leave again at the next campaign.

Yesterday's public packet actor playing double height Telegraph and giant staircase, and the Tang Dynasty Yong-Biao Columbia playing Telegraph, although he has always displayed agile, but this is the first time playing, it is cautious, and landed at the Pro-Yong Shi, more tension in the immediate arm-biao Columbia. As for Yoyo and Zhixian group climbing into a giant staircase, to help Yoyo Zhixian, ladders, even the primary stress on her buttocks; Moses and YANG Xiu-hui, a group of top bed, in addition to her original stomping on one foot leveraging up, she will not, so that they slowly climb and climb low, the worst performance as a team.

Lazy rationale YANG Xiu-hui

After Moses become the target for all, we all ignore demeanor that he did not show benefits, he explained that with a smile: "I justified her, she was stomping on the what, (whether LIAO child stealing so afraid to keep their distance?) I am more conservative, pro-women and men is unacceptable not my merits, (so you moon Bi infants?) That is because dance! "At this point producer Moses also means no gentlemanly manners, he added that Rock:" I just had too gentlemanly manners. "As YANG Xiu-hui was welcomed, but because of dangers and biliary cursory into battle and the Moses allegedly owed demeanor, she said with a smile before the top bed He also asked whether she needed help, but would then have forgotten. --Poor going: "Grandma is right, women rely on themselves and not to rely on men."

Yoyo identified Fine biliary

Yoyo is fine by the bile people, but not to promote the matter, talking about her boyfriend whose uphill campaign are proficient in the sea, she disdain: "He did not know dead monkeys!" She recalled that the second diving still very scared, we feel that dizziness, immediately rose, timely catch her coach earlier in the foot Otherwise she may emerge too fast Sheung Shui accident, but later she is still frightened to fever became ill. If that is a rollover with her diving, she should be greatly reassured her that: "He is not coaching. (Beaches recent establishment of the new company season?) The people of my company, my company stresses TVB! "In addition, because of foot Jiaying, yesterday not only watch to played, he smiled: "I am now easily injured men, but after yesterday's follow-up, now that more than 10 doctors, I will be running back to normal."

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