Monday, October 15, 2007

Affiliation with other difficulties, said Mr Allan as Dili

Banner: son Wang Qi, the same film drama ratings rise

Although wireless New Drama "rotten Kennedy" has been broadcast viewership ideal, but the audience was vulgar contents of the complaints, the bad kids. Mr Allan, a group of actors, film, Hsu Shao-xiong, Sydney, YANG Xiu-hui and Li ', attended yesterday's Qi "TVB 40th Anniversary of the Taiwan-roving exhibitions," and publicity for the drama. Mr Allan, continue to play a "rotten" character, playing children playing audience, and even general manager Stephen was also used to jokingly.

Mr Allan yesterday with the play-actor, to join in publicity. The meeting also play games with the audience, one of the obese children took office, but not unsparing of laughter, the other party is not sufficiently three feet, but has been too heavy. After seeing a post teeth Desperate Housewives, asks people is "post teeth ghost," referring to the other side of the more tooth structures. Even after his playing Wang also dashed when they Qi in the wireless appeal stalls selling souvenirs, some viewers to obtain his signature, he would push to send Joe Wang.

Aberdeen is not natural change nowadays Kennedy

But after the laughter of the audience, but denied that a "post teeth ghost," also claimed "sweat line", and stressed that he only film stresses. He asked this drama is so popular, as can be confident wins Dili? Son, but had no confidence, but good "Strong sword," Bosco Wong wins as Dili, "DMC", as Secretary chess Aunt wins after. Certainly not in his own, he is not bad, but others have done better. Asked whether he Yang Tsai because only wireless but not natural earners? He admitted that he is raising earners, but also marks support, and therefore only become rotten Kennedy. However, yesterday, of seeing Stephen also quite know what to do, take the initiative approached shoot photographs. Wan also follow the example of jurors called the "honey." He also SELF will accept "be my guest" visit and it was also indicated to the "Enjoy Yourself Tonight." Yip said that the dentures will play with their own collections as the occasion, or will be wearing Halloween. She said with a smile if viewers over 40, she will again wear false teeth post, and Mr Allan Wong and LIN tin mouth.

Stephen card shark agreed Award

Also, yesterday there were reports that wireless intend to presenting the "Millions Star Performing Arts Award" to the sailors, Stephen yesterday admitted that two months ago has such plans. Because Jupiter has always been to bring you joy, it is worth commending. He certainly hope that the shark may personally accept the award. He also fears it will engage in gimmicks is to take advantage of Jupiter? He admitted to being somewhat frightened, there is no announcement, but do not understand why the news will leak. As for the recent reports that he Asustek Mr Farah, "Le-zhen faction," and LIAO children to sacrifice, loss of "leap in progress female artistes" prize. He said that these are creative, in fact every individual has his support. He refers to the two artists actually good scoring near. For Mr Allan, referring to himself because it is not natural Aberdeen, will not have the opportunity to whom, that their own good "difficult to support." Stephen son says, the record is indeed marks support, and because many organizations did it difficult to raise. But he feels that this is not the issue, but fear of "traitor" drama has just launched, the number of votes not enough.

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