Monday, October 15, 2007

Ms Nancy Sit: The Summer of Star Award

Banner: Ms Nancy Sit cheer for the Summer

Ms Nancy Sit Asked yesterday at a public function on wireless honors singer will be presented with the "Millions Star Performing Arts Award", that this is wireless "gimmicks" family adventure not agree to that, she felt the honors in the performing arts sector contributed significantly to be absolutely deserves this award, this is the fat Aunts an encouragement and support.

Receiving the award honors pro-hope

Chapman said the other day from home on television to see the sailors hospitalized fragments, and my heart is very sad, Verbena Road now is a fine woman, saw she was very nervous. Over the years the image of Jupiter is pistachios by the public, I hope that she step threshold-off, a speedy recovery. She has asked to call the Heights, she said she is not yet, not harass her family adventure that sailors can eat many also feel at ease, she will pray. She had tried the woman suddenly fainted reported to the police and admitted to hospital, anxious mood That is completely understood. She also alleged that honors strong vitality, a support should be given to her over the years she brought a lot of joy audience, we should treasure this situation, wireless is also treasure that situation, she hoped that honors the same day can attend the prize presentation ceremony.

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