Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bosco Wong broke the poor will not send Colorado home buyers

Banner: Bosco Wong said that they would not make films with his girlfriend

Singer, Bosco Wong (Bosco), the Commissioner Chu Yao, Lu Yun Shi, Taiwan yesterday attended Metro new entertainment program "brigade play the" press conference.

To tie in with the theme of the new program, they are emerging tourism dress, which Bosco carrying a camera appearance. Asked whether he normally like to use cameras shoot girl? He said that like shooting landscapes, animals and food. Asked whether he was dating his girlfriend camera? Bosco said that the video will take pictures. Intimacy as? Bosco said frankly depends on the intimacy to what extent, tied shoulder and kissed surface will shoot beads, it is ordinary lovers will do. Then he will make announcements with his girlfriend? He said frankly that will not. Asked whether he will shadow cat? He said more video photographers, because his home in the keeping of dogs. Asked how long he had no shadow cat? Bosco said with a smile, the earlier "When dogs love cats" shot, he had a video cat, because he has hair like an animal.

Earlier Hu church openly expressed the hope that the boyfriend gave her buy property. Hearing this reaction a great Bosco said he did not buy property, why should we buy property to the church? He said with a smile and good friends do not necessarily have to send House, can send jacket Moreover, he is not rich! Then he will send his wife home buyers? Bosco Bold and that his wife gave to what she was his wife who buy property, pay taxes on behalf of his wife.

Singer diving risk drowning

Jade (Jade) diving equipment present at the press conference, although she has yet to test the diving license, but she is determined to test the license. Jade said before travel to the Maldives, one bile rough, without diving equipment alone will be submerged into the sea, Unexpectedly relations resulting water pressure due to cramp feet, drowning feeling, thanks instructors ashore in time to save her, she was scared to cry, then she understood diving ago, have enough knowledge, She therefore determined to test diving license. Q Will she wear three-point dive? Jade said frankly not otherwise swimsuit will touch trouble.

Shi Lu Yun flu scandal trouble

It has recently been reported to the beauty salon Lu Yun Shi three hours, it is hidden behind Regal. Shi Lu Yun said that each girl love voting, she went to beauty salons will usually spend two to three hours. Recently often troubled by scandals, Shi Lu Yun said frankly very troublesome, but access to care more. She would not be affected because of the sex scandal own friends, now she occasionally have dinner with each other, but ended with a group of friends.

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