Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Americans for the pro-Chan Shanshanzi

[Lu Jian, Chang built on the 1st of Guangzhou - Jackie Chan and Americans came to Guangzhou today, "Nelson Peninsula" villa opened to guests. Jackie Chan in Shanghai to participate in the activities of the Paralympics first came to the gap early in Guangzhou, and dozens of security personnel in Gaza, tens of thousands of people across the constantly trumpeted the "Big Brother" waved to the public, big brother demeanor at all the tracks of the Dragon fans.

At noon today, the scene was originally 11:15 Hengda Group in the opening ceremony of new flats, but appeared in Chan's 12:10 traveled more than 100 meters of the red carpet, although crowded, Chan hands always pulled ourselves. Today Chan and promises, it is particularly affectionate, as Xiaomei predecessors especially on the Americans want to see the floor Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan promises not only personally Shanshanzi, simply Chan's hand gently took care of the small fan on the Red Jackie Chan in the hands of big brother. Americans care very happy to Jackie Chan. But he also did not forget to take care together by Xiaomei, the two together when he assumed power, he is always careful to help Americans to prevent her fall.

The sale comes as Jackie Chan, he did not forget to congratulate the National Day of the motherland prosperous and strong, and congratulations on the presence of the public health well-being. Then they started doing publicity for the sale, he saw that the water here - good, feel beautiful environment, and discuss with the Americans to buy a house and live here and we do neighbors. At noon today, Chan witnessed the demeanor of a million people, as we all are excited about the emergence of Jackie Chan. It was revealed that in villas have decoration, we visited a model for the HA, is devoted to Jackie Chan presented the gift, but this news has not been confirmed by the developer.

Participants were "King" star including Playboy, bathing children, distribute and others.

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