Monday, October 01, 2007

Trans National Day songs evening performances

"Hong Kong compatriots to celebrate the 58 anniversary of the National Day soiree" tonight, Joey Yung and Andy Hui invited guests for the show, the duo yesterday evening for a rehearsal. The evening will be songs concert song, "Dragon", concert labeled "courageous Chinese people."

Asked whether wearing cheongsam songs at night, so more Oriental flavor. She said the past year has been through a pretty cheongsam, a clothing sponsorship of this year, when some believe the grand and beautiful dresses. Asked her appearance could be sexy. She noncommittal, but stressed that the clothing will meet occasions, not anti-wear clothes.

Songs that narrowly avoided

Turning to the earlier songs together with friends invited to attend a lab activities, in order to evade that her brother, so even they do not rush to leave to her to verify the matter, she stressed that day because he is going to rush recording, so hurry to leave, she assured reporters the night of a say sorry , in fact, very much hope that she can play the ghost house.

Labeling the night before the invitation of the Macau casino brands "11 Golden Week" was at the head of a guest performers, attracting many fans praise. That evening he will sing 45 minutes, a reward of up to seven figures, a female fans to be finished after the YU underway again at six figures honoraria, showed that two proteins song, but because labeling is not ready songs, declined each other's good intentions. Evening labels and female dancers perform "mixed", are quite spicy dance performances, alongside more performance thereof. Asked afterwards is not backing underway, he said do not need coaching. He said that the first year has not attended the National Day evening, he attended the National Day event that will allow more people to know themselves.

Parents performance labels Macao

In addition, this year that Leo become a "wireless" Taiwan-light guests, according to past records, the annual lighting of the male singers will have the chance to become "with" general election "the most popular male singers," said with a smile that case labeled as all singers participated in the ceremony, so the audience they do not have to guess. Trans gave good will. Other labels that one is hot, do lighting and gentlemen, that he is not low-status, but he can not feel the two are linked. Apples have no confidence in themselves. He shook his head and said he would promote a good image for their own songs, the opportunity to try singing the money has been well happy.

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