Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wang Shan of significant skill in Dance Competition

Yesterday's National Day holiday, Bailey was invited to attend a China Shunde cuisine, cooking fried on the spot and brew TREBLE to test fresh audience. Since the statement of Alexandra culinary modest, is the fear of assault shells, the last major appearance diet program is extremely helpful nature, it's MC repeatedly remind her to thoroughly as to give the audience try to eat.

Alexandra will be next Monday (8) in Yunnan to shoot TV "Sidaimingbu juvenile," she said frankly a bit worried because heard "Jewelery" actor Don Tibet have high altitude syndrome, and wireless Yu has instructed them not to move too much, to some quiet. Her costume is very thin, it will carry down to cold.

Recently, the city set off on a hot dance, drama not only "Galloping City" hit mainland dance competitions, "Galloping miracle" has good ratings, but empty sigh of Alexandra own dance background, not allowed to participate in a game show champion, but the opportunity to participate in the next Wang, Zan more wounded. He the FAA performed well.

Disney Xi highland dress to the bailiff

In addition, Disney Xi (Ron) yesterday attended the "Council of Hong Kong than the card-sending", in addition to the children during play, a song more cartoon theme song-help. A Ron same in Yunnan next Monday to shoot "little" show, as far as he knew this notice very early time, 3:00 the morning will have to makeup, and then take two to three hours of long-distance truck to the filming location. One location located at 3,000 feet elevation on the plateau, in order to avoid a high altitude syndrome actor, so there will be only shoot the show so much action actor will hypoxia. A Ron asked not to be worried about. He said: "I do not know when the operator, (Lin Feng race stairs to oxygen, you have to properly take care of him?) Not to worry, his role is to put in a wheelchair, Max! "

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