Monday, October 08, 2007

Ancestors were provocative shoot Ta Kwu

Photo: Self awards Popular unable to attend the premiere in Taiwan

Awards yesterday for the film and the film "warfare. "the propaganda activities, while the Taiwan linked to the typhoon, Taiwan's famous drum Arts Theater," You Sacred Drummer "was unable to attend the activities, from $ diverted, and director awards Bi-performing activities in Ta Kwu. Although the progenitor of that right Ta Kwu less skilled, but fortunately there are some film when the memory Wales, said that he smiled $ shoot in Ta Kwu play as rigid as her hands and feet? Zu said with a smile just a tactic to encourage only $.

Popular Self is not on Taiwan's

Asked whether the ancestors of the alleged new Huan shoring girls and Taiwan legs, he said: "No new Huan, but returned to the foreign friends, usually to a new food to eat, will be more than three, two little people to eat. (With Mummy shoring Taiwan feet?) Have tried, but Mummy is not often that I, Mummy to the same topic are mostly sparrows, and the stock market. "asked the progenitor of that scandal will girlfriend Popular knows his new scandal, the enemy's situation got Datong shock him? Ancestors of a laugh: "I and the Datong friends, or not meals together, and I was single, Datong temporarily. (Taiwan to attend the film premiere, will find remand shoring field?) I will look for Taiwan's friends, who have a leisure whom to go to, to remand will, but should not see her because she was not on Taiwan. "progenitor to the topic. Therefore the more that will attend the Tokyo Film Festival, has just earlier in Busan Film Festival, praised Han beautiful, passionate tell the entire capacity to understand the eyes and nose. Furthermore, the awards that "life adviser" $, admitted talking with the ancestors of most of the content of life issue, as the two children who like agreeability.

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