Monday, October 08, 2007

Enno film with good publicity to the disappointment

Banner: Jia Zhang Rui three protagonists, viability and Fujioka indigo publicity goes to the tea and refreshments pearls

"The tail of the summer," three actors last night at the Causeway Bay to attend promotional activities, and activities concocted pearl tea, which Enno distressed actress said: "The publicity to the very smoothly, each singing accidents are not performing well." She disappointed. She said their love singing more than films, but that each show singing, not peak microphone, a guitar string is broken, and she hit. She would be launched next album.

Zhang Rui home is that children who happened to Love

Jia Zhang Rui and actor believed that Hong Kong publicity tour very difficult, daily non-stop by late in the publicity. There have been a few paragraphs of his love, than all his girlfriend, and he just so happened that it is not their only like older women, the election is his girlfriend can communicate. Another protagonist Fujioka indigo chefs have done in the United States, the simple food Easy him, that he likes sexy heterosexual, but there is no girlfriend.

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