Monday, October 08, 2007

Popular Zambian Macao good conservation work

Banner: Leung (right) in the preservation of Macao Zan performed, next to a US MC -

"Macao magic comes true feelings trip" in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday held, and the invitation to tape (Gigi), Clark, Zhou singer, Miss Yu Fei and Ivana Wong and singer attended. Gigi appreciate that Macao is the most local cultural monuments, also hope to attract more tourists from all over the monuments. Macao has repeatedly to the local culture that she kept a good building that Hong Kong can follow the example of many different monuments to attract tourists.

King Yin Lane demolished earlier aroused social concern, the Star Ferry and the Queen's Pier also has become history, she believed that the government and the reasons for their difficulties. Asked repeatedly to Macau, has set foot on the famous couple local hotels? She did not try that Macao dating the past, every time, she said that China has always been the people, not the little finger may later go Macao stage.

Ivana Wong said that the older friend with the bottle

East Asia will join Ivana Wong rumors that the fans do not believe that her joining the panel, she said that not only friends with the fans, yes predecessors, the contract also asked her advice, she laughs: "You do not see with insufficient coverage, then evil shape of dioxin." As for her boyfriend Jing-Xuan Zhang scandal accused of color, and female aide-scandal, but she comments: "He is more feed, and not my business." thunder and denied the reports, referring to the blessings two Moreover female assistant is also her colleagues. In addition, Zhou said trading assistant and leisure, likes to play Macau, featuring the most memorable in Macao enjoy racing, with the hope to have the opportunity to enjoy the boss.

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